The knowledge and know-how of the research network - made up of a number of experts on the challenges of the management of water - are captured and shared in this category of resources. Based on the latest scientific work available, we offer a range of publications and infographic material (sorted by alphabetical order).

  • Bibliography
    Lists of published articles from a range of scientific journals and their references are available. Each article has a short commentary intended to guide the user through the article.
  • Monthly Water Map
    Created from analytical material, the map is intended to study water resources and to graphically present the results. It uses innovative and original visual graphics and is published once a month.
  • Policy Briefs
    Authors develop a key message and reason through their position and thinking. These short texts, accompanied by relevant visuals, allow the user to explore a particular argument or issue whilst having direct access to different bibliographic sources.
  • Publications
    They include peer-reviewed articles, books and book sections, ad hoc documents and more.